About eknow

eknow® inc. is the developer of eknow M&A tools,

a web-based or “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) product. eknow’s sole business is developing and supporting the eknow product. Founded in 1998, eknow is proud to have by far the longest track record of continuous M&A platform development and innovation in the industry.

eknow’s Market

The eknow M&A tools platform is designed for the corporate teams and their consultant partners who are responsible for successful execution of post-merger integration, corporate development, or strategic corporate initiatives. Actual eknow clients are globally distributed and range in size from under $1 billion to nearly $50 billion in revenues.

eknow sells the M&A tools platform directly to customer organizations as well as to strategic consulting firms. Leading consulting organizations rely on the eknow technology as the underlying “engine” of their highly tailored M&A practice toolkit (look for “powered by eknow” on your consultant’s tools!).

eknow Development

eknow is extremely proud that eknow M&A tools have been developed entirely in-house by full-time eknow employees. No off-shore development has ever been used nor is planned. eknow’s technology was not purchased from a failed or struggling start-up. If this were not so unusual in our industry, it would not bear mentioning. But it is, so it does. The ultimate advantages to customers are real: continuous innovation, faster response to evolving customer needs, quick issue resolution, unencumbered IP, and confidence that the eknow platform will be actively developed and relevant for many more years to come.

eknow Privacy Policy

When you provide your contact or other information in visiting this site or in requesting more information, eknow uses the information you provide exclusively for communication from eknow itself to you. eknow does not sell or otherwise provide this information to third parties.