M&A Tools Features

M&A Tools includes hundreds of great features that work across many or all tool modules. 

Features that make planning, working, collaborating and reporting easier, and even fun. Many features are absolutely unique to EKNOW M&A Tools.

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EKNOW Exclusive

M&A Tools User Interface 2.0

  • Attractive, engaging, & professional
  • Every UI element polished, rethought
  • Scientific use of colors and symbols
  • Intuitive icon “language” used throughout
  • Highly consistent UI across all M&A Tools
  • Easily learn in one tool – then use any tools
  • Naturally, progressively “unpacks” details
  • Hides complexity, but enables power users

New Reporting

  • Attractive new charts & graphs
  • Professional status dashboards
  • Deal-, Team-, Module-, and User-level dashboards
  • Weekly or periodic team status reporting
  • Filtering: More powerful, yet even easier to use 
  • Roll-up / drill down


  • Team announcements
  • Automatic alerts
  • Cross-team requests
  • Data calls
  • Publish executive dashboards
  • New: Powerful discussion features


  • Team- & project-based collaboration
  • Unique, secure share function
  • eknow exclusive iMemos
  • Discussion threads
  • File versioning
  • Change tracking
  • Team calendars


  • Drag and drop documents
  • Full document search by contents
  • Extensive, M&A-specific metadata
  • Custom metadata
  • Powerful access control
  • File versioning
  • Check-in / check-out
  • Document review workflows
  • Mass upload/download
  • Readable thumbnails
  • .ZIP archive upload / download
  • Full audit trail
  • Clean Room

Experience the ultimate M&A Tool Kit



Project Management

  • Project outlines of any depth
  • Gantt charts
  • Eknow-exclusive views (ask to see!)
  • Seamless integration with Value Capture, KPI, Talent Selection, Document Room, and other modules
  • Project stage gating option
  • Real-time Dashboard views
  • Highly optimized for merger & acquisition implementation projects or transformation initiatives
  • Track Day 1, Critical Path deliverables, more
  • Automatically re-synchronize schedule to projected Day 1 (close) adjustments
  • Rich Dependency tracking and management
  • Customizable project tags and metadata
  • Import data from other PM applications
  • Unique EKNOW “heat map” views show where problems lie
  • Infinite drill-in/back-out
  • Easier for most users than traditional PM tools, yet more effective for M&A-specific projects

Data & Data Entry

  • New: Attractive, professional UI
  • Dramatically easier to use forms
  • Infinite drill-in/back-out
  • Powerful track changes features
  • Time saving mass-changes features
  • Tags & flags – client-created custom tags
  • Easy to use filter & search
  • Table and roll up views
  • All M&A data types, + custom data types
  • Import / export via Microsoft Excel files

Export / Import

  • Get started quickly by importing your current data
  • Import / export MS Excel-formatted files
  • Easy to use MS Excel templates for every data type
  • Import via drag and drop
  • Import / export virtually any data to / from your system
  • Import deals, projects, integration plans, diligence checklists, and much much more


  • Easy to understand, icon-based interface
  • Simple new point-and-click operation
  • Admin-only HotLine button for EKNOW support requests
  • Create, import, or clone Projects from templates
  • Create or import user accounts on-demand and hassle-free
  • Assign users to projects, teams, oversight groups, etc.
  • New configuration control panel (system-wide and project-specific)
  • Define business units, teams, special access teams
  • Post and manage announcements
  • Manage alerts and automated communications
  • User Project NDA Control Panel
  • Edit custom metadata, system-wide and project-specific
  • User Activity Analytics features
  • Unprecedented administrative control and visibility
    (Business, Enterprise and Partner platforms)


Partner-only Features

  • Integrated operations platform
  • Cross-clients management dashboard
  • Consultant activity tracker
  • Client usage analytics
  • Change request tracker
  • Help & Policy content editor
  • System status metrics
  • System Admin access level
  • Configuration tools
  • Client system branding
  • Much more