Post-Close Tools

Your eknow® M&A toolkit has modules and tools

for virtually every post-close activity. Enable just the tools you need, when you are ready to use them — organization-wide or per-deal. Though called “post-close” modules, to hit the ground running you will begin using many of these tools even prior to close.

Clean Team Clean Team icon

Proper integration planning begins well before close. Yet, until closing, parties may not be able to freely exchange information.

The Clean Team module allows the buyer and seller to share certain documents through a designated third party, such as a consulting firm. This approach avoids inappropriate pre-close information sharing, and consequent exposure, but allows all parties to better prepare for post-close activities.

Value Drivers Value Driver

If your transaction will have post-close performance or cost targets, enable the Value Drivers module. What scale and scope of efficiencies will you need to capture? Where? Over what time frame? eknow Value Drivers allow you to capture and define the deal's financial impact targets at multiple levels. Include cost savings, revenue synergies, “negative drivers” such as implementation costs, and more. Perform “what if” analyses while allocating targets across functional areas or businesses. Finally, automatically track actual post-implementation performance against your value driver targets, month by month and quarter by quarter.

PMI Team Manager PMI Team Manager icon

Use the eknow PMI Team Manager tool to quickly define, refine, and populate any number of functional and special-purpose teams and sub-teams. Simple and easy to use on the surface, the team management tool is in fact part of eknow’s “secret sauce”: Every eknow M&A tool is tied to the Team Manager. So by applying its built-in team framework and best practices, your organization will automatically gain unexpected advantages in virtually every post-close activity. Ask for a demonstration to see for yourself.

Work-Plans Work-Plans icon

The eknow integration module provides structure and process guardrails to your integration team members, who don’t need to be black-belts in project management. Organize consistent plan-building in parallel across all functional teams. Automatically prompt users for updates to current tasks. Import and export plans in spreadsheet formats. Instantly view what has to be done right now, what’s changed, or what’s in trouble. Seamlessly integrate your integration work plans with other eknow M&A tools like Dependencies, Decision Log, Financial Metrics and more.

Dependencies Dependencies icon

The eknow approach to work plan dependencies is far more accessible and versatile than that of complex project management tools. Enable the Dependencies module to allow teams to painlessly identify what they require of other teams. Track which deliverables depend on those requirements. Instantly review exactly what has been requested of you or your team, what you’ve requested of others, and the status of every request.

Issues & Risks Issues & Risks icon

Enable this module to identify, track, and ultimately resolve issues and mitigate risks of your transaction. Automatically and permanently log each issue/risk as it’s identified, so none slip through the cracks. Easily evaluate by impact and likelihood, to focus on what’s most important. Assign owners to ensure end-to-end accountability. Automatically track resolution progress by impact level, functional area, owner and more.

Decision Log Decision Log icon

From well before close to long after, myriad decisions must be made regarding the new organization. Most of these decisions represent important dependencies. Who will make which decisions? Which decisions are needed next? What information is required to make them? And ultimately, what is the final decision? If this is your challenge, enable your Decision Log module and identify, assign, track, resolve and log key decisions, systematically and efficiently.

Document Room Document Room icon

eknow M&A tools seamlessly integrates document management with your post-close processes. Drag and drop documents right from your desktop and into a deal, team, work plan, financial metric, etc. Every document is automatically access-controlled, yet centrally available in the document room. Browse documents by team, project, folder, and more. Search based on the text content of your document, and on “meta data” like deal, team, project, or date uploaded. Version history makes previous versions directly accessible, and check-in/check-out prevents overwriting a colleague’s changes.

Financial Impact Financial Impact icon

Will your transaction require tracking planned and actual implementation costs, cost or revenue synergies, head-count impacts in particular, or other one-time or ongoing financial impacts? If so, enable your M&A tools Financial module. Import and export via simple spreadsheet templates. Use the plan validation process to ensure your deal’s value drivers are supported by execution. Update plans and actuals directly in the system, or via spreadsheet. Track progress in aggregate at any level. Instantly identify variances and drill-down to their source.

FTE Changes FTE Changes icon

Personnel changes can be the most critical to the transaction outcome, but will represent some of the most sensitive information you will manage post-close. eknow’s FTE Change module allows you to plan the cost/benefit impact of personnel changes, track and implement hundreds or thousands of changes in parallel over months or years, and automatically protect confidential personal information on a need-to-know basis.

Contracts & TSA's Contracts & TSA's icon

Your transaction may affect thousands of existing agreements with suppliers, service providers, and employees. Services may need to be provided under temporary new transition service agreements (TSAs).

eknow’s Contracts module is used by distributed offices and teams to upload, tag, track and transition each existing agreement or TSA. Track progress individually and in aggregate at any level. The eknow-based contract transition gives structure, simplicity, speed and visibility to your process, all essential to avoiding costs and liabilities.