Pre-Close Tools

eknow® pre‑close modules are power tools for the

corporate development team: Enter, track and analyze your opportunities. Turbo-charge your diligence workflow. Consistently manage all stages, activities and documents around any project. Seamlessly hand‑off to post‑close execution. Gain complete top-down visibility and a single system of record.

Opportunities Opportunities icon

The eknow Opportunities module is for clients (a) managing multiple transactions per year, or (b) managing multiple prospective targets, regardless of the number of transactions that may be consummated. eknow M&A tools makes it easy to enter, track, sort, analyze, and report on your transactions or pipeline in a highly secure web-based environment. For organizations with multiple businesses with independent deal pipeline, define your own hierarchy of businesses, and automatically compartmentalize access to deal information by business, deal, and role.

Action &
Communication Log
Action & Communication Log icon

What exactly has been going on with opportunity XYZ? The Activities module allows you to capture and track an opportunity’s action items, communications, events, and meetings with the seller, bankers, etc. With the Activities module, it’s not even necessary to be logged into eknow M&A tools: just send an email, or CC, to an easy to remember email address of the system.

Stage Gates Stage Gates icon

The stage gate tool should be enabled for clients who track more than a few eknow M&A tools has a completely personalizable stage gate system. Track your deals and opportunities by stage, and make sure that every required document, approval, or data entry is captured and on time. All of the standard M&A stages, and several other optional stages, are available out of the box. The recommended best practice configuration is enabled for you at the start. From there, you can add, remove, rename and change the stages and gates to match your industry, organization, deal types, and workflow.

Diligence & Reverse Diligence Diligence & Reverse Diligence icon

Some corporate development clients initially adopt eknow M&A tools for the diligence advantages alone! The Diligence module can greatly streamline and accelerate the buyer diligence process. Tools in the eknow Diligence module include the checklist template manager, diligence team manager, document manager, VDR integration, seller/buyer communication, diligence reviewer workflow, progress tracker, outcome analysis and reporting tool.

Clean Team Clean Team icon

New for 2015, the eknow Clean Team module allows the buyer/seller or merging parties to share documents through a trusted third party, such as a consultancy hired for this purpose. The Clean Team approach allows the third party to prevent inadvertent inappropriate information sharing prior to close, and consequent legal and regulatory exposure. This protection in turn allows all parties to better prepare for post-close activities such as integration.

Document Room Document Room icon

The eknow document module consolidates all documents from every M&A phase, team, and type. All documents are strictly access-controlled based on business, deal and user role. Authorized users can view project working documents, transaction documents, diligence documents and more. Users can search across documents for the text contents of the files themselves, and/or search based on meta-data like document type, deal, and key dates. Of course, all document interactions and versions are logged and auditable. Other document room features include drag and drop for mass uploading, version management, check-in/check-out, access control exceptions, review and status notes, and much more. The Document Room module can be used by pre-close as well as post-close module customers, with or without the Clean Team module.