M&A Tools & Modules

  • Built-in modules to plan and execute any facet of M&A
  • Pipeline, pre-close, post-close, financial, much more
  • A few clicks enable only needed modules – hide the rest
  • Perfectly adapt M&A Tools to your business, and to each deal
  • Consistent, easy to learn UI applies to every module
  • Modularity = easier to adopt & use, yet far more powerful

Pipeline & Pre-Close


EKNOW M&A Tool module pipelineEKNOW M&A Tool module pre-closeEKNOW M&A Tool module pre-closeEKNOW M&A Tool module diligence

  • M&A software tools for corporate development
  • Unlimited deal/project types and templates
  • User-configurable project stages / milestones
  • Pipeline analytics by revenue, EBITDA, etc.
  • Individual project status reporting
  • Real-time Dashboard views
  • Due Diligence
  • Closing Checklist
  • Pre-close Integration Planning
  • Data Clean Room
  • Direct input from internal and external or seller users
  • Unlimited secure external users



EKNOW M&A Tool module diligenceEKNOW M&A Tool module documents

The best M&A software tools for due diligence:

  • Living, intelligent diligence checklists
  • Unlimited diligence templates
  • Labor saving workflow automation support
  • Unique, secure seller view portal
  • Detailed real-time reporting
  • Automated alerts
  • Real-time Dashboard views
  • Available in all platforms

Document Room


EKNOW M&A Tool module document roomEKNOW M&A Tool module documents

EKNOW M&A Tools Document Room modules take maximum advantage of EKNOW Objects. When the Document Module is enabled, users can attach documents to every working data type, from any context. Every attachment is also available in the central Document database, or Document Room – fully access controlled:


  • Drag and drop one or multiple documents into the system
  • Attach documents to every working data type
  • Manage every document from every deal/project context
  • Powerful search, sort, filter capabilities
  • Fully searchable by indexed uploaded file contents
  • Also manage remote, data room, or web-based file server links
  • Add and search by meta-data
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Version history
  • Optional document review/approval/acceptance workflow
  • Document sub-modules include locked down Clean Rooms and pre-close clean room Data Requests

Risks, Issues +


EKNOW M&A Tool module risks & issuesEKNOW M&A Tool module risks & issuesEKNOW M&A Tool module risks & issues

M&A software module for…

  • Customizable, full RAID log tools
  • Risks, Issues, Assumptions, and much more
  • Optional separate, dedicated decision log
  • Disciplined workflow from identification to resolution
  • Let nothing “slip through the cracks”
  • Real-time Dashboard views
  • Automated alerts
  • Available in all platforms

Post-Close Integration


EKNOW M&A Tool module ImplementationEKNOW M&A Tool module Implementation

EKNOW’s M&A software modules for…


  • Post-Close Integration or Implementation Work Plans 
  • Pre-close Work Plan building
  • From simple checklists to detailed project management
  • Create, manage any number of integration work plan templates
  • Import from project management applications
  • Manage by Day-1 Critical, Critical Path, more
  • Linked Dependencies, Risks, Issues, Decisions
  • Linked KPIs and Value Impacts
  • Optional Project Stage Gating
  • Real-time Dashboard views

KPIs & Synergies


EKNOW M&A Tool module KPIEKNOW M&A Tool module KPI

M&A software tools for capturing value and ensuring performance from each transaction.

KPIs Module

  • Operational and financial KPIs
  • Unlimited user-definable KPI types
  • Track target, actual, trend and more
  • Summarize annual, quarterly, monthly performance
  • Real-time Dashboard views
  • Note: Partner, Enterprise, and Business platforms only


Advanced Synergy Module

  • High-level synergy target development
  • Detailed value capture plan
  • Plan development workflow
  • Capture synergy plan, actual, budget, forecast, and custom
  • Model & track integration or implementation costs
  • Model & track synergy cost-to-achieve
  • Summarized by target, P&L, function, more
  • Unlimited user-definable cost/synergy types & sub-types
  • Real-time dashboard views
  • Note: Available in Partner and Enterprise platforms only

Talent Selection


EKNOW M&A Tool module Talent

EKNOW’s Talent Selection module is a specialized M&A software tool for reductions-in-force (RIF), “headcount,” or reorganization initiatives. Use the Talent Selection module to make staffing changes with process discipline, security and confidentiality. Structured workflow tracking helps eliminate missed opportunities, delays, and errors. Avoided personnel costs in a single transaction can easily exceed the cost of M&A Tools.


  • Talent selection planning workflow
  • Talent selection operational workflow
  • Highly restricted data room
  • Data hosted in EU data centers as needed
  • EU PII / Privacy rules compliant
  • Fully customizable without coding
  • Real-time dashboard views (summary progress)
  • Available for Partner Platform and Enterprise only



EKNOW M&A Tool module AdministrationEKNOW M&A Tool module AdministrationEKNOW M&A Tool module Administration

  • Control panels to easily activate tool modules and set options
  • Add, update, or disable user accounts in real-time
  • Manage users, teams, deals, business units, and more
  • Create, edit, and duplicate templates
  • Template projects, diligence checklists, and work plans
  • Centrally manage automated alerts and workflow
  • Post and manage project team announcements
  • Monitor user activity
  • Much more
  • Note: See solutions matrix for applicability

Still More Modules!

Highlighted above are the some of the most popular, and heavily used, EKNOW M&A Tools modules.

But EKNOW clients soon find that many other, unsung modules are also incredibly useful day to day.

Still other special-purpose modules can be enabled as needed on a deal-by-deal or, for consulting partners, on a client-by-client basis.

If any of these other modules respond to your requirements, enable them in your Project Modules or System Modules Control Panel checklist – or ask for a live demonstration.

  • Superuser Audit Module
  • Team Manager Module
  • Strategic Objectives Module
  • Closing Checklist Module
  • Seller Portal Module
  • Dependencies Module
  • Data Request Module
  • User NDA Module
  • Communications Module
  • Contracts Module
  • TSAs Module
  • Acquired Client On-Boarding Module
  • Usage Analytics Module

Custom Modules

Occasionally a large integration, or specialized consulting practice, will need unique functionality that does not exist in any system.

The problem: With traditional, non-EKNOW architectures, a very high threshold of desperation must be met before creating custom functionality. This is because of the complexity, cost, delays, and risks associated with custom development, and the need to “fork” the client’s software into a unique code version that must then be independently maintained.

These issues do not exist with the EKNOW ToolBuilder architecture.

That’s why, without writing a single line of code, custom EKNOW M&A Tools modules have been built for use cases as diverse as:

  • Ongoing sales operations for 1 million+ customer accounts
  • Complex employee compliance initiative for nearly 10,000 employees
  • Site-based operations tracking across 70 countries
  • Legacy IT asset tracking workflow
  • Ground-up support delivery.

Why clients choose to build custom modules:

  • Completely new data types, work flows, and reporting
  • Created natively in EKNOW Real-Time ToolBuilder, not code
  • Seamlessly integrated in the EKNOW M&A Tools navigation
  • Fully inherits all EKNUI User Interface features
  • Fully inherits the EKNOW Access Control Framework
  • Filter, import/export, etc. exactly as in built-in modules
  • No coding = low risk, no down-time, no code forking
  • Extremely rapid development
  • Note: Available on Partner and Enterprise platforms only
  • Ask for a real-time demonstration of custom module capabilities