M&A Talk: Dave Berry and Luciano Mascari

‘Things Left Until After Day One… That Shouldn’t Be’

26 April 2016

When they started AbyssPM in 2010, Dave & Luciano utilized over 60 years of combined experience focusing in two areas, startup and recovery. Shortly thereafter they expanded their consulting services into the M&A Integration market.

What makes Dave and Luciano different is their focus and perspective as business operations executives combined with complex program management understanding. While most consulting organizations focus on what’s known as Positive Flow, when things go according to plan, AbyssPM understands how to identify, plan for and recover from Negative Flow, or when things don’t go well.

Today we are going to be discussing factors that can substantially affect the outcome of an Integration that are generally not considered until it’s too late.

M&A Talk is a podcast series highlighting practitioners in the space, with the goal of bringing new and different perspectives to improving the outcomes of Corporate Development and Integration.