The Ultimate M&A Software Tool Kit

  • Cloud-based M&A software tools (SaaS)
  • Most mature, capable, easy to use M&A software
  • Rapid set-up, deployment and adoption
  • M&A tool modules for every M&A process
  • Powerful business process automation & reporting
  • Pre-close, diligence, acquisition integration checklists

New for Release 19.0: Now available for small- to mid-size organizations  

What’s New in M&A Tools

Release 19.0

Professional dashboards
  • Professional, attractive and readable
  • Like all M&A Tools, completely modular
  • Completely reconfigurable with any data
  • Automated real-time summaries
  • Management annotation
  • Link directly from dashboard to detail
  • Built-in & custom dashboards (see Matrix)
Beautiful new charts and graphs
  • New charting engine for Release 19
  • Line, bar series, pie/donut, waterfall charts
  • Combine multiple plots
  • Scaleable, SVG-based = sharp at any size
  • Built-in charts for all products, +
  • Custom charts, for Business/Enterprise/Partner
  • Plot any M&A data against any dimension
  • Infinite drill-in to related data
New tools & modules
  • New Closing Module
  • New Pre-Close Data Request module
  • New post-close operational KPIs Module
  • New Acquired Client On-Boarding Module
  • Updated and improved Talent Selection module
  • Hundreds of refinements to existing M&A Tools modules
Intuitive visual language
  • Memorable icons for all key data types and tools
  • New users quickly learn to navigate and discover
  • Reports, dashboards now easy to read and interpret
  • Linked data relationships now visually indicated
  • Universal, easy to learn color coding system
Simpler, graphical navigation
  • Improved, icon-based tool bar
  • Icon language extended to all navigation
  • Simplified navigation hierarchy
  • Consistent navigation conventions across all modules
Overhauled Interface Elements
  • Most UI elements updated for Release 19
  • Redesigned, larger, more obvious controls
  • Helpful tooltips throughout
  • New, sliding “inspector” drawers for details
  • Drag-and-drop files and attachments
  • Hundreds of time saving refinements
New collaboration features
  • Updated team status reporting & communication
  • Easy to publish team and project announcements
  • New universal threaded discussions
  • Calendar views in most modules
  • Document attachments linked to searchable Document Room
Comment threads + e-mail integration
  • Release 19 upgrades “Comments” to new “Discussions”
  • Discussion threads available on all actionable data
  • Email now fully integrated with Discussion threads
  • All participants automatically in the loop
  • Comment directly in the system, or reply via email
  • Includes attachments, with large image thumbnails
Attractive forms
  • Forms updated to versatile data “inspectors”
  • Inspectors clearly organize complex data, by tabs, tiles, collapsible headings, and logical field groups
  • Data types easily distinguished via graphic, mnemonic symbols
  • Data more readable with icons, color coding, tooltips, and links
  • Unlimited drill-in & back-out within data inspectors
Deal-level control panel
  • Comprehensive deal-level control panel
  • Expanded options, yet easier to navigate and use
  • Enable tool modules per project and system-wide
  • Toggle options via simple check-box controls
  • Related settings present only when applicable
Multiple Single Sign On (SSO) Options
  • Multiple SSO options per customer:
  • Employees may sign in via your corporate identity server
  • Consultants may sign in via their own identity server
  • External or seller users sign in via user ID & password
  • Optional 2-factor authentication
Much, much more...
  • Streamlined set-up and administration
  • Compact report mode, for meetings, training, etc.
  • Superior change-tracking UI
  • Improved print-to-PDF
  • More document drag and drop features
  • Import data in spreadsheets via drag and drop
  • New alerts features
  • EKNOW Access Control Framework (ACF) 3.0
  • New JSON-based data exchange API

Client Solutions

With Release 19.0, M&A Tools aren’t just for large enterprise clients and premium consultants.
The very best mergers & acquisitions software tools are now accessible to every client profile.

M&A Tools for

Corporate M&A

For corporate clients, EKNOW provides M&A Tools as a web-based, secure software-as-a-service. Built-in business process modules address every facet of mergers, acquisitions, and transformation initiatives.

Clients enable any combination of M&A business process modules at no incremental cost, to perfectly match their business mission. Clients may use M&A Tools to manage a pipeline of deal opportunities, or to manage a single complex post-merger integration (PMI).

With M&A Tools Release 19, EKNOW’s high-end technology is now accessible to virtually any size organization:

  • M&A Tools Enterprise (“classic”) for large acquirers
  • M&A Tools Business for mid-sized organizations (new)
  • M&A Tools Team for smaller M&A teams (new)
M&A Tools for

Consulting Partners

EKNOW partners are management consulting firms in M&A strategy, diligence, pre-close preparation, post-merger integration and long-term value capture.

EKNOW arms its consultant partners with everything required to pitch and support their end-clients with M&A Tools:

  • Special partner-only licensing or reseller agreements
  • Off-the-shelf, or tailored and branded, M&A Tools solutions
  • Partner-only M&A Tools system features
  • Dedicated M&A Tools systems for internal use
  • Direct support of engagement teams
  • Rapid development of end-client solutions
  • Ongoing training and collaboration
  • High-level roadmap access and input

M&A Tools Solutions Matrix

Consulting Partner
Cost Factor
 $$ $$
 – –
Typical Transactions
< $10MM
 $5MM – $50MM
$100MM – $10B+
$100MM – $50B+
Buyer Users*
5 – 25
25 – 125
50 – 500+
50 – 1,000
Dedicated (S)
Dedicated (L)
Dedicated (XL)
Multiple (L-XL)

Experience the Ultimate M&A Tool Kit

What are EKNOW

M&A Tools?

M&A Tools are:

  • Web-based, software as a service, hosted and managed by EKNOW on a dedicated server for every client.
  • Easy to use tool modules for each M&A phase or activity
  • A secure environment for planning, executing, and reporting
  • A platform to integrate all internal and external role contributions in M&A
  • Fully integrated collaboration and business process automation
  • For premium management consulting firms: A comprehensive, multi-engagement, M&A tools delivery and support platform
  • In depth acquisition integration checklist

M&A Tools Advantages

EKNOW Advantages
20 years of accelerating, client-driven improvement


The most advanced, future-proof technology platform from any M&A vendor of any size


High-end technology trickle-down benefits even smallest EKNOW customers


Continuous, independent operation since founding 1998


100% development by EKNOW in-house engineering team


Continuous core management and development team