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eknow M&A ToolsThe Ultimate M&A Software Tool Kit

  • Web-based, modular M&A software tools
  • Simplify and accelerate any stage of M&A
  • Dedicated eknow support team gets you up and running
  • Get the speed, structure, and visibility you’ve been missing

eknow® M&A Tools: For almost 20 years, the most actively developed, mature, and full-featured M&A software platform in the world.

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Choose your M&A modules

eknow is the only solution with dozens of M&A modules and tools for your acquisition integration checklist that you can turn on or off yourself. Is your team managing a post-merger integration? Or deal flow and pre-close diligence? Financial performance? A restructuring, downsizing, or divestiture? eknow will help you choose and enable just the M&A software modules you are ready to use right now. Later, enable whichever tools match your evolving strategic requirements, with a click of the mouse. Disabled modules are invisible to your users until you need them. In fact, even enabled modules are visible only to authorized roles.

  • Deal Flow

    Businesses, stage gates, value drivers, activity, outcomes, & more

  • Diligence

    Checklists, responses, documents, review & analysis, & more

  • Integration

    Teams, projects, issues/risks, dependencies, status reports, & more

  • Financial

    Synergies, project costs, P&L, cost centers, & more

  • Restructuring

    FTE changes, organization, communication, metrics, & more

Let eknow set you up

Whether moving an existing process or implementing one for the first time, eknow M&A software makes the transition painless. In fact, your eknow support team does all of the work. We set up your M&A tools “in the cloud,” pre-configured with your modules and acquisition integration checklist. Next, we “massage" and migrate any existing data you may have. We can then tailor your M&A software tools to your unique requirements. Finally, we give your key users live, hands-on training. For as long as you are an eknow customer, the same eknow team provides monthly support, modifications, and training.

  1. Configuration

  2. Onboarding

  3. Training

  4. Process Support

Start getting the benefits


Structure Screenshot

Key to successful execution of M&A is a structured, disciplined process. The problem is the extra work required to “do the right thing" on your acquisition integration checklist and beyond.

eknow M&A software tools entirely remove this obstacle to success, with built-in best practices, process guard-rails, and automated discipline. eknow provides this proven process structure out of the box. But because no two organizations have identical processes, eknow M&A software tools are also designed with the flexibility to accommodate your unique workflow or requirements.


Simplicity Screenshot

M&A is probably the most complex strategic activity you will undertake. The most important direct benefit of eknow M&A software tools is to tame complexity: the complexity of data, processes, measurement, communications, accountability, and much more.

eknow imposes order and simplicity on chaos and complexity like no other approach to M&A integration checklists. This is why eknow M&A tools allow a few individuals to do the work of a small army — or to manage strategy execution by an even larger army.


Speed Screenshot

Delays in diligence can cost you the deal. Delays in acquisition integration can rob deal value. Delays in compliance can result in fines or worse.

By fundamentally simplifying, structuring, and automating core processes, eknow M&A tools compress or eliminate many time consuming activities. The result is accelerated execution and reduced risk, whether in opportunity capture, implementation, or benefit realization.


Visibility Screenshot

How are we doing right now? Exactly what must be done next? Just who is accountable for what?

eknow M&A tools automatically provide the answers to these questions at every instant. By executing your M&A activity in eknow M&A tools, you automatically gain near real-time, top-down visibility of what’s important. See the big picture, and drill down to manage by exception. This direct visibility allows you to make critical mid-course corrections, and further multiplies the speed and simplicity benefit (above) of eknow M&A software and your acquisition integration checklist.

Connect Every Contributor

The eknow M&A software approach makes it easy to directly connect your process to dozens, scores, or hundreds of distributed contributors. Not just core process managers or team leads.

time compression chart

Unify Your Data

eknow M&A software replaces multiple, disconnected information types — spreadsheets, project files, presentations, email, and file sharing systems — with a single, unified model. With the eknow approach, all information is naturally interconnected. Data and changes are easily searched, reported, or audited.

tools chart

Compress Process Time

The eknow approach automates many tasks and processes, simplifies others, and simply eliminates the need for many more. The result: dramatically reduced process overhead, faster execution, and more time available to run your business.

time compression chart

 Hassle-Free Platform

M&A tools are hosted, administered, and supported 24/7 by eknow. You and your users need only internet access via your PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

The eknow M&A tools platform has been specifically designed for the unique data protection requirements of M&A. For example, the built-in, automated access control framework is fully tailored to M&A roles, organizations, and requirements, not generic permissions models. Every customer has a separate, dedicated eknow M&A tools server. Contact eknow for more details.


eknow M&A Access Framework

User Input/Output

Reports, Dashboard, Forms, Import & Export, Share

Data, Templates, & Audit Log

Deals / Initiatives, People & Teams, Documents, Drivers & Metrics, Tasks, Risks & Issues, Client Data, KPIs

Workflow & Automation

Alerts, iMemos, Triggers, AutoActions

eKnow M&A Tool Author

Linux / JAVA / Apache / Oracle

The Most Mature M&A Tool Provider

eknow is the only company to continuously develop its own M&A software platform with its own internal development team since eknow’s founding in 1998. The result: Of full-featured M&A platforms, eknow M&A tools are the most mature, comprehensive, easiest to use, and easiest to administer. eknow M&A tools are by far the most adaptable to your unique requirements. In fact only eknow’s M&A tools are truly and completely configurable, quickly and without programming, at any time. This is why Fortune 500 and household name companies depend on eknow year in, year out.


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In house

Development entirely
by eknow