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What are EKNOW M&A Tools?

The Ultimate M&A Software Tool Kit

EKNOW M&A Tools are Web-based software as a service. M&A Tools are used by the client organizations responsible for corporate development, due diligence, post-M&A integration, restructuring, or transformational projects. Some advantages of EKNOW M&A Tools:

  • Easy to learn, yet astoundingly powerful
  • Enable small team to orchestrate & track at massive scale
  • Real-time integration of people, processes, and information
  • Seamless integration of every M&A stage and activity
  • For internal and external collaborators, seller users, etc.
  • Powerful built-in reporting, metrics, & automation
  • Ready “out of the box”
  • Easily configured for unique situations
  • All set-up, configuration, administration & hosting by EKNOW
  • Fixed, flat pricing
  • No separate fees for users, options, support, etc.

M&A Tools Advantages

M&A Tools for

Corporate M&A Teams

For corporate M&A organizations, EKNOW provides M&A Tools as a web-based, secure software-as-a-service. Built-in business process modules address every facet of mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions and transformation initiatives.

Clients enable any combination of M&A business process modules at no incremental cost, to perfectly match their business mission. Clients may use M&A Tools to manage a pipeline of deal opportunities, or to manage a single complex post-merger integration (PMI).

M&A Tools three support level options make EKNOW’s high-end capabilities accessible to virtually any size organization:

  • M&A Tools Enterprise (“classic”) for large acquirers
  • M&A Tools Business for mid-sized organizations
  • M&A Tools Team for smaller M&A teams
M&A Tools for

M&A Consulting Teams

EKNOW partners are management consulting firms in M&A strategy, diligence, pre-close preparation, post-merger integration, and long-term value capture.

EKNOW arms its consultant partners with everything required to pitch and support their end-clients with M&A Tools:

  • Special partner-only licensing or reseller agreements
  • Tailored and branded, or off-the-shelf, M&A Tools
  • Dedicated system per client, regardless of engagement length
  • Monthly accounting
  • Partner-only M&A Tools system features
  • Direct support of engagement teams
  • Rapid development of end-client solutions
  • Ongoing training and collaboration
  • High-level roadmap access and input
  • Internal systems for training, demos, R&D, playbook development, etc.
  • Playbook Libraries

M&A Tools Support Matrix

1. Team
2. Business 
3. Enterprise
Cost Factor
 - -
Fee Type
Annual Flat / Fixed
Annual Flat / Fixed
Annual Flat / Fixed
Monthly/Client, Fixed
Per-Seat/User Fee
Typical Transactions
< $10MM
 $5MM - $50MM
$100MM - $10B+
$100MM - $50B+
Typical Users (no cap)
5 - 25 (no cap)
20 - 125 (no cap)
50 - 500+ (no cap)
50 - 1,000
M&A Development Org.
BU Team / Portfolio
Multiple BUs / Portfolios
Multiple BUs / Portfolios
(Any Type)
Seller / External Users
Technical Support
Initial + Annual Top-ups
Initial + Ongoing
Initial + Ongoing
Set-Up & Configuration
2 - 8h
4 - 16h
8 - 40h+
Data Migration Assist
During initial set-up
Initial + 1st 3m
Initial + 1y
Ongoing Guidance / Support
2h / month
4h / month
8h / month
Advanced Customization
- -
Concierge Service
- -
- -
Dedicated Server (i.e. single-tenant)
Multiple (L-XL)
EKNOW Server Administration
Modules Supported
Core module options:

Pipeline Suite
Project Playbooks
Playbook Templates
Portfolio Dashboard
My Project Dashboard
Key Metrics
Analytics Views
Diligence Suite
Integration Checklist
Document Room
Report Generator
Automated Alerts
Contacts Module
Calendar Module
Business options add:
Multi-BU Organization
Access/Reporting x BU
Multi-Playbooks x BU
Resource Accountability
Extended Metrics/KPIs
Integration Work Plan
Closing Checklist
Risks / Issues Log
Decisions Log
Dependency Module
Lessons Learned
iMemo Workflows
Workflow Metrics
Review / Approvals
Admin Modules
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Enterprise options add:

Custom BU Organization
Project Clearance
Enterprise Playbook
Enterprise Diligence
Entrprs. Dependencies
Enterprise Reporting
Plan Readiness Suite
Work-Stream Playbook
Work-Stream Status Rpt
Approvals Dashboard
Pre-Close Clean Room
Data / Mtg Request
Change Request
Enterprise Value Capture
Talent Selection
Acquired Clients
User Account Approval
Extended Admin
Partner adds:

Module Config Tool
Advanced Configs
Full Ticket System
Operations Dashbd
Custom Modules*


Experience the Ultimate M&A Tool Kit

EKNOW Advantages
M&A eknow tools ownership advantage

Over 20 years of accelerating, client-driven improvement

M&A Tool continuous core management team

The most advanced, future-proof technology platform from any M&A vendor of any size

M&A Continuous development exclusively by eknow internal engineering team

High-end technology trickle-down benefits even smallest EKNOW customers

eknow M&A Tools experts

Continuous, independent operation since founding 1998

M&A Continuous development exclusively by eknow internal engineering team

100% development by EKNOW in-house engineering team

M&A Continuous development exclusively by eknow internal engineering team

Continuous core management and development team