The Ultimate M&A Tool Kit

  • The most mature, capable, easy to use M&A software
  • Rapid set-up, deployment and adoption
  • Now accessible to almost any size organization
  • Special license and terms for M&A consulting firms

M&A Tools for every client profile

  • M&A Tools Enterprise (“EKNOW classic”) for large acquirers or complex integrations
  • M&A Tools Business for mid-sized organizations 
  • M&A Tools Team for smaller M&A teams
  • M&A Tools Partner Platform for premium consulting firms and their clients

What are EKNOW M&A Tools?

  • Web-based software tools for mergers & acquisitions
  • Tool modules for every M&A phase or activity
  • A secure environment to plan, execute, and report
  • Connects all contributors, internal and external
  • For consultants: Comprehensive tools and client support platform

M&A Tools Release


Professional dashboards
  • Professional, attractive and readable
  • Automated real-time summaries
  • Management annotation
  • Link directly from dashboard to details
  • Built-in dashboards for all clients
  • Built-in + custom dashboards for Business, Enterprise, and Partner clients
Beautiful new charts and graphs
  • New charting engine for Release 19
  • Line, bar series, pie/donut, waterfall charts
  • Combine multiple plots
  • Scaleable, SVG-based charts are sharp at any size
  • Built-in charts for Team clients
  • Custom charts for Business, Enterprise, and Partner clients
  • Custom charts to plot any data against any dimension
  • Click in chart to view related data
Many new M&A Tools & modules
  • New Closing Module
  • New Pre-Close Data Request module
  • New post-close operational KPIs Module
  • New Acquired Client On-Boarding Module
  • Updated and improved Talent Selection module
  • Hundreds of refinements to existing M&A Tools modules
Easier to use, graphical navigation
  • Improved, icon-based tool bar
  • Icon language extended to all navigation
  • Simplified navigation hierarchy
  • Consistent navigation conventions across all modules
All new redesigned UI elements
  • Most UI elements updated for Release 19
  • New single-window interface
  • Larger, more obvious controls
  • New, sliding “inspector” drawers expose details
  • Drag-and-drop files and attachments
  • Hundreds of time saving refinements
New collaboration features
  • Updated team status reporting & communication
  • Easy to publish team and project announcements
  • New universal threaded discussions
  • Calendar views in most modules
  • Document attachments linked to searchable Document Room
Comment threads & e-mail integration
  • Release 19 upgrades “Comments” to new “Discussions”
  • Discussion threads available on all actionable data
  • Email now fully integrated with Discussion threads
  • All participants automatically in the loop
  • Comment directly in the system, or reply via email
  • Includes attachments, with large image thumbnails
Attractive, intelligent forms and controls
  • Forms updated to versatile data “inspectors”
  • Inspectors clearly organize complex data, by tabs, tiles, collapsible headings, and logical field groups
  • Data types easily distinguished via graphic, mnemonic symbols
  • Data more readable with icons, color coding, tooltips, and links
  • Unlimited drill-in & back-out within data inspectors
Deal-level control panel
  • Comprehensive deal-level control panel
  • Expanded options, yet easier to navigate and use
  • Enable tool modules per project and system-wide
  • Toggle options via simple check-box controls
  • Related settings present only when applicable
Multiple Single Sign On (SSO) Options
  • Multiple SSO options per customer:
  • Employees may sign in via your corporate identity server
  • Consultants may sign in via their own identity server
  • External or seller users sign in via user ID & password
  • Optional 2-factor authentication
Much, much more...
  • Streamlined set-up and administration
  • Compact report mode, for meetings, training, etc.
  • Superior change-tracking UI
  • Improved print-to-PDF
  • More document drag and drop features
  • Import data in spreadsheets via drag and drop
  • New alerts features
  • EKNOW Access Control Framework (ACF) 3.0
  • New JSON-based data exchange API

EKNOW Client Platforms

With Release 19.0, M&A Tools isn’t just for the large enterprise anymore.
The best mergers & acquisitions software tools available are finally
accessible to every client profile

Corp Dev Team

M&A Tools 

  • For Corporate Development teams of 5 to 25 
  • Unlimited seller or external users
  • Full corporate development life cycle
  • Pipeline, Diligence, Pre-Close, Post-Close
  • Appropriate for any pipeline of small transactions
  • No per-seat charges
  • Training included
  • Dedicated server

See our Solutions Matrix


M&A Tools

  • Full life-cycle solution
  • For mid- to small transactions
  • Any volume of pipeline or transactions
  • For 25 to 125 internal contributors
  • Unlimited seller or external users
  • Min. 30 days of tailoring or customization
  • No per-seat charges

See our Solutions Matrix


M&A Tools

  • For a single acquisition project, or serial acquisitions
  • For mid-sized to large transactions
  • For 50 to 500 internal users
  • Unlimited seller or external users
  • Unlimited, ongoing tailoring
  • Concierge service
  • No per-seat charges

See our Solutions Matrix

EKNOW Partner Platform

From the independent specialist in M&A software for consultants

Competitive Weapons

Consulting Partners

If your M&A management consulting practice competes with Deloitte, IBM or McKinsey, consider partnering with EKNOW. Your own re-branded EKNOW M&A Tools Partner Platform can allow your teams to:


  • Massively upgrade your M&A tool capabilities and image
  • Offer the most flexible and professional looking tool
  • Build your playbooks, methods or other IP into a continuously improving asset
  • Add new long-term value for your clients
  • Help level the playing field

Optimal Terms

Consulting Partners 

For consulting partners, the EKNOW M&A Tools Partner Platform is provided under unique, partner-only business terms, pricing and licensing. Partner terms and support operations are tailored specifically to your business context, and are based on many years of experience supporting management consulting practices like yours.


  • Partner-only multi-engagement pricing
  • Low risk business terms
  • Minimal “papering” required per engagement
  • Allows rapid, early client deployment

Dedicated Platforms

Consulting Partners

EKNOW consulting partners enjoy internal M&A Tools system for training, R&D and demo; multiple, dedicated client platforms – all linked by a specialized M&A Tools support management dashboard.


  • Dedicated internal partner system(s) for training consultants, R&D your ideas, and delivering client demos
  • Dedicated client systems for any number of engagements
  • Dedicated, multi-engagement client support system & dashboard
  • Centrally track client systems, deployments, change requests, system status, user activity, much more

Choose the Specialists

Consulting Partners

EKNOW is the only independent M&A platform developer primarily specialized for M&A consulting partners. This DNA is reflected in almost every facet of EKNOW’s business, technology and operations.


  • Since EKNOW’s founding, the majority of M&A Tools business is with consulting partners
  • EKNOW supports consulting partner engagements with a battle-tested deployment and support work flow
  • EKNOW’s ToolBuilder architecture is an outgrowth of consulting client requirements for maximum flexibility without coding

True Collaboration

Consulting Partners 

The EKNOW team works closely with its consulting partners before, during and after every client engagement:


  • Ongoing consultant training
  • Weekly status meetings
  • Executive-level coordination of development roadmap
  • Sales / demo assistance for the engagement sales team
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Client system tailoring
  • Partner system tailoring
  • Ask for further details under NDA

M&A Tools Solutions Matrix

 M&A new platform icon  M&A new platform icon
Consulting Partner
Cost Factor
 $$ $$
 – –
Typical Transactions
< $10MM
 $5MM – $50MM
$100MM – $10B+
$100MM – $50B+
Buyer Users*
5 – 25
25 – 125
50 – 500+
50 – 1,000
Seller Users**
– –
Core modules:

Closing Module
Integration Checklist
Document Room
Team Dashboards
1 Corp Dev Team

Multiple CD Teams
User NDA
Integration Work Plan
Seller portal
iMemo Workflows
Admin Modules

Pre-Close Clean Room
Extended Synergies
Talent Selection
Extended Admin
Client on-boarding
Custom Modules
Initial + Periodic
Initial + On-demand
Initial + On-demand
Technical Support
Custom Config Svcs
– –
30+ days
Concierge Service
– –
Dedicated (S)
Dedicated (L)
Dedicated (XL)
Multiple (L-XL)

M&A get tool


M&A get tool


M&A get tool


M&A get tool

Experience the ultimate M&A Tool Kit


What are EKNOW

M&A Tools?

M&A Tools are:

  • Web-based, software as a service, hosted and managed by EKNOW on a dedicated server for every client.
  • Easy to use tool modules for each M&A phase or activity
  • A secure environment for planning, executing, and reporting
  • A platform to integrate all internal and external role contributions in M&A
  • Fully integrated collaboration and business process automation
  • For premium management consulting firms: A comprehensive, multi-engagement, M&A tools delivery and support platform

M&A Tools Advantages

EKNOW Advantages
20 years of accelerating, client-driven improvement


The most advanced, future-proof technology platform from any M&A vendor of any size


High-end technology trickle-down benefits even smallest EKNOW customers


Continuous, independent operation since founding 1998


100% development by EKNOW in-house engineering team


Continuous core management and development team