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What are EKNOW M&A Tools?

The Ultimate M&A Software Tool Kit

EKNOW M&A Tools are Web-based software as a service. M&A Tools empower your teams in corporate development, due diligence, post-M&A integration, restructuring, or transformational projects. Some advantages of EKNOW M&A Tools:

  • Easy to learn, yet astoundingly powerful
  • Enable small team to orchestrate & track at massive scale
  • Real-time integration of people, processes, and information
  • Seamless integration of every M&A stage and activity
  • For internal and external collaborators, seller users, etc.
  • Powerful built-in reporting, metrics, & automation
  • Ready “out of the box”
  • Easily configured for unique situations
  • All set-up, configuration, administration & hosting by EKNOW
  • Fixed, flat pricing
  • No separate fees for users, options, support, etc.

M&A Tools Advantages

M&A Tools for

Corporate M&A Teams

For corporate M&A organizations, EKNOW provides M&A Tools as a web-based, secure software-as-a-service. Built-in business process modules allow our M&A software to enable corporate development, due diligence, integration, and much more. EKNOW M&A Tools can manage virtually any facet of mergers, acquisitions, and other transformation initiatives.

Clients enable any combination of M&A business process modules at no incremental cost, to perfectly match their business mission. Clients may use M&A Tools to manage a pipeline of deal opportunities, or to manage a single complex post-merger integration (PMI).

M&A Tools three support level options make EKNOW’s high-end capabilities accessible to virtually any size organization:

  • M&A Tools Enterprise (“classic”) for large acquirers
  • M&A Tools Business for mid-sized organizations
  • M&A Tools Team for smaller M&A teams
M&A Tools for

M&A Consulting Teams

EKNOW partners are management consulting firms. EKNOW M&A software upgrades their offerings in M&A strategy, due diligence, pre-close planning, post-merger integration, and long-term value capture.

EKNOW arms its consultant partners with everything required to pitch and support their end-clients with M&A Tools:

  • Special partner-only licensing or reseller agreements
  • Tailored and branded, or off-the-shelf, M&A Tools
  • Dedicated system per client, regardless of engagement length
  • Monthly accounting
  • Partner-only M&A Tools system features
  • Direct support of engagement teams
  • Rapid development of end-client solutions
  • Ongoing training and collaboration
  • High-level roadmap access and input
  • Internal systems for training, demos, R&D, playbook development, etc.
  • Playbook Libraries

M&A Tools Support Matrix

Cost Factor
Fee Type
Per-Seat/User Fee
Typical Transactions
Typical Users (not a cap)
M&A Development Org.
Seller / External Users
Technical Support
Set-Up & Configuration
Data Migration Assist
Ongoing Support (max hrs)
Customization / Tailoring
Concierge Service
Dedicated Server (i.e. single-tenant)
EKNOW Server Administration
+ Module / Service Options

1. Team

Annual Flat / Fixed
< $10MM
5 - 25 typical
1 BU Team / Portfolio
10 - 20h
During initial set-up
1h / month
- -
- -
S ( < 300GB DB & Docs )

Core module options:

M&A Pipeline Work Space
Diligence Team Work Space
Data Room Work Space
PMI Work Space
Portfolio Dashboard
My Project Dashboard
Metrics & Analytics
Report Generator
Automated Alerts
People & Teams Admin
Much More!

2. Business

Annual Flat / Fixed
$5MM - $50MM
20 - 125 typical
Multiple Portfolio BUs
Initial + Annual Top-ups
20 - 40h
Initial + 1st 3m
4h / month
- -
L ( 300GB + DB & Docs )

Business options add:

Extended Metrics/KPIs
Multi-level PMI Work Plans
Risks / Issues Log
Decisions Log
Lessons Learned
Workflow Metrics
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Much More!

3. Enterprise

Annual Flat / Fixed
$25MM - $500MM
50 - 500+ typical
Hierarchical Portfolios
Initial + Ongoing
40 - 80h+
Initial + 1y
8h / month
Moderate - Extensive
XL ( 500GB + DB & Docs )

Enterprise options add:

Enterprise Reporting
Playbook Templates
Work Stream Status Rpts
Work Stream Dependencies
Value Capture / Synergies
Talent Selection
Retentions & Earn-Outs
Much More!

4. Enterprise+

Annual Flat / Fixed
$50MM - $1B +
200 - 1,000
Global Matrixed Hierarchy
Initial + Ongoing
Initial + Ongoing
16h / month
XL ( 5TB + DB & Docs )

Enterprise + adds:

Monthly Mgmt Mtgs
Dedicated HW Options
On-Premises HW Options
EKNOW API & Support
APS Integration
Client MSA or WSA
Special Project SOWs
Custom Integrations
Custom Solutions
Client Branding
Much More...

What EKNOW clients are saying

EKNOW Advantages
M&A eknow tools ownership advantage

Over 20 years of accelerating, client-driven improvement

M&A Tools Future Proof Technology

The most advanced, future-proof technology platform from any M&A vendor of any size

M&A Tools High-end technology

High-end technology trickle-down benefits even smallest EKNOW customers

M&A Tools Continuous Independent since 98

Continuous, independent operation since founding 1998

M&A Tools 100% development in-house

100% development by EKNOW in-house engineering team

M&A Tools continuous management and development

Continuous core management and development team