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What's NEW in M&A Tools

Killer performance

Without a doubt, the most tangible upgrades in v.23-24 are the end-to-end performance optimizations.

In view after view, windows, tools and pages appear instantaneously. Report data begins loading immediately and completes quickly.

The time to create, modify, and save data is a fraction of earlier releases.

If you haven't seen EKNOW M&A Tools lately, you haven't seen M&A Tools. Contact EKNOW for a live demo in a production-spec system.


Intuitive new "Workspaces"

As EKNOW capabilities multiplied, the M&A Tools navigation menu grew longer and deeper.

The antidote is here, in v.24. M&A Tools are now organized into simpler, role-specific Workspaces. Workspaces include Deal Pipeline, Diligence, Integration, Administrator, and more.

Each workspace contains just the reports and data needed by its users. Navigation options are minimized and more intuitive. While power users can open multiple workspaces, or switch between them instantly.

Deal Pipeline workspace

New for v.24, "Pipeline-Only" pricing is available at all 4 tiers of system and support bundle.

Release 24 also greatly expands the corporate development and deal execution functionality in M&A Tools.

With M&A Tools v.24, track not only target opportunities, but optionally manage relationships with sources, advisors, bankers, PE firms, and VC or investors.

Manage contacts, communications, actions and documents for any or all of the above.

As always, create deals or projects for any opportunity. Clone project templates from your library of playbooks, diligence checklists, and integration plans. Capture required approvals and work flows right in the system.

Report on activity, playbook progress, forecasts, deal status, past deal performance, and much more.

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More out-of-the-box reports

Each of the major Workspaces gains its own dedicated Reports module. Report tabs include e.g. Dashboard, Milestones, Status Reports, Timeline, and Calendar views, as well as others specific to each workspace.

Reports include cross-portfolio, multi-project views and summaries, as well as project-by-project, deal-specific reports.

New reports can be endlessly customized with the new Dashboard Elements feature.

Reports can be leveraged as live, interactive tools, or generated in print format.

Countless UI enhancements

Goals for Release 24 included immediate responsiveness to user actions, and a more fluid experience generally.

Selected pages and tabs now appear almost instantly. Most page reloads are completely eliminated.

New popover UI elements for data entry, search, etc. now appear instantaneously.

The main navigation menu gains many client-requested features, and a more intuitive organization around the new M&A Tools Workspaces.

New “Enterprise+” bundle

The largest EKNOW client organizations have special needs. In 2021 EKNOW began developing an offering to meet these needs.

With Release 24, the EKNOW Enterprise+ tier is formally available.

Enterprise+ begins with higher support levels and greater system capacity and speed. Custom IT integrations are available via the EKNOW API, as well as on-premises hosting options.

Enterprise+ provides twice the monthly support, a longer set-up "runway," and the option to request special projects that would otherwise be out of scope.

If Enterprise+ may be a fit for your organization, see the How to Buy page for more information. Then contact EKNOW for complete details.

New & improved systems

M&A Tools Release 24 is also accompanied by system-level developments: New data centers, hosting options, and systems. Including on-premises hosting. A revamped server stack. More data protection infrastructure. Updated SSO framework and options. Increased off-site backup frequency.

And lastly, upgraded server hardware: Even base EKNOW servers are 25% faster. Enterprise+ servers have over 200% of our previous Enterprise throughput. All before factoring in the massive performance gains of the Release 24 web application.


In Beta for release 23, now in production with release 24!

Enterprise+ clients receive access to the EKNOW JSON REST API, documentation, and one-on-one support.

Push or pull data directly into / out of your EKNOW system. Integrate your data lake or individual systems: IT, HR, Compliance, CRM, and more.

Enjoy any number of fully access controlled API integrations, each with its own uniquely defined permissions.