EKNOW Inc. is the developer of EKNOW M&A Tools, a web-based or “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) software for mergers & acquisitions and transformation initiatives. EKNOW is headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area (Arlington, VA).

EKNOW’s sole business is developing and supporting M&A Tools platform. Founded in 1998, EKNOW is proud to have by far the longest industry track record of continuous M&A platform development and innovation. 

Other facts of note:

  • Private and independent
  • Never venture funded
  • Continuous operation since 1998
  • Continuous primary ownership/control since 1998
  • Continuous management since 1998-2001
  • Continuous core development team since 2000

EKNOW’s Market

The EKNOW M&A Tools platform is designed for the corporate teams and their consultant partners who are responsible for successful execution of post-merger integration, corporate development, or strategic corporate transformation initiatives. Historically, just over 60% of integrations managed on M&A Tools were for transactions greater than $1 billion. EKNOW clients are globally distributed and range in size from under $1 billion to nearly $50 billion in revenues.

EKNOW provides the M&A tools platform primarily through premium strategic consulting firms, but also directly to customer organizations. Leading consulting organizations rely on the EKNOW technology as the underlying “engine” of their highly tailored M&A practice toolkits.

Development at EKNOW

EKNOW is extremely proud that EKNOW M&A Tools have been developed entirely in-house by full-time EKNOW employees. No development has ever been outsourced. EKNOW developers who wrote the system continue to extend and improve the platform.

This may seem like a technical distinction. But over time the advantages to customers are real. EKNOW’s continuous and independent stewardship of the system has been one of the keys to continuous innovation, faster response to evolving customer needs, and rapid issue resolution. It’s one more reason to be confident that the EKNOW platform will be actively developed for years to come.

EKNOW Advantages
20 years of accelerating, client-driven improvement


The most advanced, future-proof technology platform from any M&A vendor of any size


High-end technology trickle-down benefits even smallest EKNOW customers


Continuous, independent operation since founding 1998


100% development by EKNOW in-house engineering team


Continuous core management and development team