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What’s New in Release 22

Reporting & Analysis

Slick new

M&A Tools Print Engine

M&A Tools release 22 introduces an all-new, fully integrated print engine, completely tailored for M&A Tools reporting content.

Features and benefits include:

  • Professional, great-looking documents
  • Output to printer, PDF, or M&A Tools. Document Room
  • Content scaling and layout is completely automated
  • Intelligent page breaks
  • Headers / footers with pagination, date stamp
  • Table headings repeat across pages
  • Virtually eliminates typical trial-and-error printing
  • Saves tons of time
  • Works from every M&A Tools module, view, report, etc.

To experience M&A Tools printing features yourself, request a live demo today.

M&A Tools New Print Engine

Powerful new built-in

Report Generator

M&A Tools release 22 introduces an all-new, fully-integrated, point-and-click reporting framework. Generate sophisticated, attractive reports right from within M&A Tools. No 3rd party reporting software to buy, install or learn:

  • Define reports as data-driven templates
  • Create unlimited numbers of templates at different reporting levels
  • Portfolio, business unit, project, diligence, functional area, financial impacts, etc.
  • Combine content from any M&A Tools pages or views
  • Include text areas, project plans, tables, charts / graphs, gantt charts, etc.
  • Generate reports on schedules, manually, or triggered by data
  • Generate PDF, spreadsheet, PPT or combinations* (*will require release 22.06 or later)
  • View reports in the system viewer, print, or download files* (*with access rights)
  • Integrates w/ team status report update work flow
M&A Tools Powerful Report Generator

New & expanded

Charts & Analytics features

M&A Tools release 21/22 adds new built-in Analytics and chart features:

  • Built-in graphical dashboards for most data types
  • Portfolio-level, Project-Level, Functional-level etc.
  • New Gantt chart features & improvement.
  • New Heat Map capabilities
  • New Review / Approval analytics
  • Filter Analytics views via universal filter/search panel
  • More ways to interact with charts
  • More ways to embed charts into reports
  • Add data directly to many charts

For Administrators and key users:

  • Share Analytics dashboards via the new Presentation Mode
  • Presentation Mode = high impact, interactive presentations, meetings, etc.
  • Take advantage of new EKNOW Print Engine in Analytics
  • Output great looking printed charts, graphs and dashboards
  • Use new Report Generator for scheduled or ad-hoc report output
  • Add / remove / re-order charts and other Analytics, via a new drag-and-drop admin interface
  • Toggle on / off entire Analytics views in new System Preferences

To experience these M&A Tools charts, analytics, dashboards, presentation, and other reporting features, contact EKNOW for a live demonstration, or hands-on session.

M&A Tools Chart Analytics

Universal, cross-module

KPI & Metric views

M&A Tools’ automated metrics distill oceans of data into actionable answers: How are we advancing, objectively speaking? What should have been achieved by now, versus actual performance? Exactly where are we bottle-necked? M&A Tools continuously measures progress at the portfolio, project, or functional team level:

  • Project plan completion vs schedule
  • Diligence analysis
  • Risk mitigation
  • TSA schedule adherence
  • Financial value capture
  • Much more

M&A Tools release 21/22 includes even more built-in metrics and KPIs than ever. But now all activity metrics are neatly organized into consistent, digestible, and interactive presentations:

  • In almost any module, select “Team Metrics” from the Views menu
  • Clearly organized tables display calculated performance numbers
  • Inline chart summaries break down the numbers visually
  • Heat map options and color-coded status flags make exceptions pop
  • View performance of an entire portfolio, or of single project
  • Drill into functional areas, sub-functions, etc. with one or two clicks
  • Easily customize KPI/metric views and columns to reflect your own priorities
  • Print, export, or generate reports of your own key metrics and progress indicators

Contact EKNOW for a live demonstration of M&A Tools metrics and KPIs.

M&A Tools New KPI Metrics

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