What’s New in Release 22

Set-Up & Administration

Faster, simpler

System set-up

M&A Tools release 21/22 makes initial configuration even faster, simpler, and easier to follow.

This is thanks in part to the new System Preferences control panel. In a few clicks, EKNOW or the consulting partner can enable just the tool modules, views, and options the client needs.

For new clients this means initial configuration now takes only minutes. Last-minute changes need not be an issue. Later tweaks to your configuration are just as easy.

For consulting partners this means greater independence from EKNOW, and faster turn-around of client requests.

M&A Tools Even Faster Configuration

New, easy-to-use

Configuration Tools

EKNOW continues its push to “democratize” advanced configuration control.

M&A Tools release 21/22 consolidates key configuration controls into a single System Preferences page. The page is accessible by your own Administrator user, or consulting partner team members.

As always you can continue to leverage your EKNOW support team. They are happy to modify and update your configuration as your needs change.

But now consultant partner teams and many clients can learn to manage System Preferences themselves in real-time.

The benefits are close control over your configuration, faster (instant) turn-around for changes, and a better understanding of your system’s possibilities.

M&A Tools easy configuration

Special tools for

Consultant Partners

Especially with M&A Tools release 21/22, consulting partner teams enjoy special features, tools, administrative options.

These features and benefits allow the consultant partner team to maximize the value delivered to our mutual client.

  • Advanced M&A Tools modules & versions.
  • Advanced admin access.
  • Advanced customization controls.
  • Module configurator.
  • Work flow configurator.
  • Change request tools, status dashboard, etc.
  • Dedicated systems for training, demos, experimentation.
  • Stored custom configurations.

In fact there are many unique and exclusive ways that EKNOW and M&A Tools support the consulting parter team. To learn more, contact EKNOW for details under NDA.

M&A Tools Partner Support Ticket

Introducing the new


M&A Tools r.22 includes the preview release of the new M&A Tools EKnowledgeBase.

This knowledge base is specifically designed for consultant admins, and select power users. Resources to develop skill sets, solve problems, and implement solutions in M&A Tools:

  • Bite-sized How-To videos and FAQs…
  • Detailed set-up & tailoring to client needs…
  • Best practices, operating principles, & more.

Feature highlights;

  • Access from within partner or client systems.
  • Comprehensive, easy to navigate.
  • Overviews.
  • Getting Started.
  • How-To Videos.
  • How it Works.
  • FAQs.
  • Best Practices, and more.
  • Release 22: Preview release / R23: Full KB.

Consultant Team & Power User benefits:

  • Autonomy & reaction speed.
  • Solution skill, best practices.
  • Client value-add.
  • Exclusivity (not available to end-users).
M&A Tools Knowledge base

Experience the Ultimate M&A Tool Kit

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