Feature Highlights

eknow® M&A tool features are the result of over 15 years

of input from working M&A professionals like you. In fact, eknow is constantly adding great new features — and making existing ones better, faster, and easier to use. Below are some popular eknow features for M&A productivity, workflow, collaboration, reporting, document management, administration, and more. Contact eknow to see them in action.

Connecting the Dots

Screenshot Dots Connected

Within eknow M&A tools, every item of information is automatically interconnected via the natural relationships of M&A: Teams are always connected to transactions. Activities and documents are always connected to their teams. Users are connected to their activities, and so on.

This connectedness is a key feature, leveraged throughout eknow M&A tools: Your processes gain built-in guardrails. Immense volumes of information are always pre-filtered, prioritized, summarized, access-controlled, and audit-logged for every user. The ultimate benefits include vastly increased speed, visibility, effectiveness, ease of use, and security.


Screenshot Workflow

eknow M&A tools always knows what’s going on, who is responsible for what, and what needs to be done next. eknow’s workflow features present each responsible individual with exactly the items that need action next, and the action to be taken, at the right time. Features such as automated alerts precisely target the right people with important workflow changes. M&A tools prompts users for scheduled data calls, routine updates, and more. M&A tools can send automatic reports of status and progress to management. Automatic triggers can detect, flag, and re-prioritize items that need attention.

These features drive the built-in workflows available in whichever eknow module you enable: Status reporting. Deal stages. Document collection & review. Pre-close planning. Post-close implementation. Issue resolution. Financial tracking. And much more. Only eknow M&A tools also allows virtually any custom workflow to support your organization’s unique process and data. With no custom programming whatsoever.


Screenshot Collaboration

eknow M&A tools combines the best collaboration concepts with the unique requirements of M&A. For example, post secure, deal- or team-specific announcements right on your M&A tools home page. Create your own internal FAQs. Manage team action items. Monitor your calendar of M&A-specific activities right in the system. Communicate, track, and fulfill cross-team requests or work-plan dependencies. Securely share any data item or document from the system. Or email data and documents into the system, without even logging in!


Screenshot Reporting


The dashboards and status reports in eknow M&A tools greatly simplify the process of capturing and tracking what’s most important, at the deal and functional team levels. Automated workflows prompt each lead for periodic updates. Color coded metrics, both automatic and manual, signal progress and problems. The dashboard’s entire historical record is also instantly available, and can be searched or filtered by functional team, deal, etc. eknow’s approach supports your regular team meetings, makes life easier for those providing your status reports, and improves information quality and timeliness for management.

Automated Metrics

In the background, your eknow M&A tools are continuously computing and updating key metrics for your opportunities and their activities. Metrics are both qualitative (red / at-risk) and quantitative (% on schedule, etc.). These metrics can be included in reports, used to drive alerts or workflow, or simply consulted in real-time as column data. There is no practical limit to the number of metrics your organization can track. Start with metrics for schedule performance, task completion progress, financial performance, issues/risks impact, or diligence outcome, and add custom metrics as needed.

Built-In Reports

Screenshot Chart & Graph Types

Every M&A tools module includes built-in, live reports. Track tasks and dependencies by team, status, and timeframe. Break down diligence by review action required. Chart opportunities and their aggregate value by activity stage, business, etc. Compare actual vs planned cost savings or implementation costs. View plots of communication or user activity over time. And much more. Built-in chart types include Gantt, pie, line, area, stacked area, bar series, and stacked bar, vertical and horizontal. Built-in analyses include aggregated break-downs (as applicable) by team, business, type, status, value, impact, time-frame, and other parameters. View these analyses applied to opportunities, diligence, integration milestones, issues/risks, financial measures, FTE changes, and more.

Ad Hoc Control

Screenshot Built-In Reports

In every eknow M&A tools module, your users can search and filter any data in sight. Combine a built-in roll-up view or chart with your own filter, then show or hide column or row information, re-sort by almost any column in table views, and drill-in or “prune” the result to get to the exact data you need, in just a few clicks. View the resulting chart or graph in your browser, print to PDF, or export the raw data for full control from within your own spreadsheet or presentation.

Custom Solutions

Without any programming, your eknow support team can quickly create and combine customized metrics, report types, and workflow to match your organization’s unique reporting requirements. You get the power and fit-to-purpose of a tailor-made solution with the convenience and support of a built-in solution. Contact your eknow team to discuss your requirements and demonstrate live examples.


Screenshot Productivity

eknow M&A tools are loaded with time-saving productivity features: Make mass changes. Instantly view changes by others. Import changes or update via spreadsheet template. Export any data for off-line review or editing. Choose to show or hide column or row information. Filter or search any data. Share specific data items with colleagues for their input, via email. Turn any deal or project plan into a reusable, constantly improving template for future deals and initiatives.


Screenshot Document

eknow M&A tools includes powerful document management features as well as specialized document modules, each designed to structure, simplify, and accelerate a unique M&A activity: Transaction Documents, Diligence Responses, Clean Room, Integration Teams, Contracts & TSAs. Regardless of the eknow M&A tool modules you enable, certain document features are available. For example, you can attach documents to every type of work item: teams, work-plans, diligence checklists, financial metrics, deal stages, and much, much more.

Add documents via simple drag-and-drop. Or securely email documents right into the system without even logging in. Upload and download documents en masse. Organize and browse documents by type, source, status, team, and folder. Search for documents by name, content, context, or meta-data. Maintain live version histories, and use check-in/check-out to avoid version conflicts. Make a document available to everyone, or tightly control access by deal, by team, and more. Manage access to many documents at once, or individually. Audit every user document view or download, upload, version replacement, movement, re-assignment, or deletion.


Screenshot Administration

eknow M&A tools enables your key users to administer users, deals, teams, and even your module & tools configuration. Add new users yourself at any time with no per-user costs. Create user accounts individually, or en masse via spreadsheet import. Add and remove users to/from deals and initiatives. Add new transactions or initiatives and for each, simply check the boxes to enable and disable M&A modules and tools, as they are needed. Deactivate or reactivate a deal or initiative. Define and update functional teams and team rosters. Change user roles and access. Search, filter, and graph user activity by individual, deal, team, etc. Audit specific actions and data changes related to any user, time frame, or data item. Export any or all of your data at any time — it’s your data!