Platform & Security

eknow® M&A tool clients want to focus on their business, not technology.

That’s why eknow M&A tools are provided as a hosted, cloud-based, software-as-a-service. eknow takes care all system administration, maintenance, updates, back-ups and more, 24/7/365. The benefits: eknow can get you set up quickly, you and your users need only an internet connection to start using your new M&A tools, and you have no new IT headaches to worry about.

100% Web-Based

Plug-ins and apps reduce can introduce compatibility and security issues. Mobile apps and desktop software downloads often have to be administered by IT departments, adding to support requirements.

This is why eknow M&A tools are entirely web-based: M&A tools require no software installation, no plug-ins like Flash or Java, and no app to download for your mobile device. All your users need is a web browser.


eknow M&A Access Framework

User Input/Output

Reports, Dashboard, Forms, Import & Export, Share

Data, Templates, & Audit Log

Deals / Initiatives, People & Teams, Documents, Drivers & Metrics, Tasks, Risks & Issues, Client Data, KPIs

Workflow & Automation

Alerts, iMemos, Triggers, AutoActions

eKnow M&A Tool Author

Linux / JAVA / Apache / Oracle

Maximum Compatibility

Unlike other approaches, eknow M&A tools run on virtually every relatively modern, mainstream device and web browser, including even very old versions of Internet Explorer: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and later. eknow M&A tools requires no plug-ins like Adobe Flash, Java, or Microsoft. View and edit data on the desktop or on your mobile devices.

Dedicated Server

For maximum privacy and security, eknow does not use a “multi-tenant” hosting model: Every eknow M&A tool customer has its own, 100% dedicated server “stack.” This means that no other eknow customer ever shares the database server, middleware, application server, or web server of any other eknow customer. For maximum performance, security, and compliance with international norms, eknow is currently hosting M&A tool servers in six data centers in North America, continental Europe, and the United Kingdom. European client systems are hosted and backed-up entirely in Europe.

Reliability & Redundancy

eknow understands that the data in your M&A tools is incredibly valuable. eknow maintains multiple, redundant facilities and servers. eknow automatically backs up your data multiple times each day. Back-ups of your system are maintained both locally for extremely rapid recovery, as well as off-site, for reliable disaster recovery. Other approaches use old-fashioned tape or drive back-ups. By contrast, all M&A tool client back-ups (even off-site back-ups) are maintained 24x7 on ultra-fast solid-state storage. Should disaster strike, eknow’s approach will get you back on line with the shortest possible delay.


eknow has over 15 years of experience hosting, administering, and securing customer data. eknow customers enjoy 256-bit TLS 1.2 strong encryption served from either our SSAE 16 audited (in US) or ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified (in Europe) facilities, and industry best-practices for port lock-down, intrusion detection, virus scanning, daily/same-day security patches, routine penetration testing, password policies, available 2-factor authentication and database encryption.

However, unlike many SaaS providers, eknow goes further by completely eschewing the multi-tenant hosting model since eknow’s founding. This means that every eknow customer has its own M&A tools server, i.e. a dedicated server and operating system, and dedicated web, database, and application servers, for every eknow client.

eknow goes still further, with a proprietary automatic access control framework designed from the ground up specifically for M&A processes, teams, roles, and access patterns. eknow’s M&A access control framework is unique in the industry. Contact eknow for complete details under NDA.

Multi Level Access Control

Multi Level Control Illustration

eknow’s highly evolved access control framework is designed from the ground up specifically for the M&A context. User access to your system, to specific modules, and to individual documents data items, are all automatically controlled at the deal, team, and role level. eknow’s unique, M&A-specific approach has enormous benefits: You don’t need to waste time administering access. Yet when you need to, you have the flexibility to tighten or loosen the restrictions on your data as your business requires. eknow’s framework even allows for completely custom access control patterns. No other alternative is remotely similar — contact eknow to see for yourself.