Feature Highlights

Video Help

Finally! EKNOW video help (Q3 '24) accessible at any time, anywhere, launched from the universal EKNOW toolbar.

Watch the Quick Start tutorial for all the essentials in under 10 minutes. Cover additional how-to topics in one to three minutes each.

Even add your own, company-specific content – guidance, policies & procedures, and more – securely and seamlessly.

Clear & logical navigation

Clear, logical organization is an EKNOW superpower. What's more, the navigation menu automatically hides options that are outside a user’s scope and privileges.

This means every user sees the simplest possible navigation menu. Any user can easily navigate oceans of M&A data.

Universal UI

M&A Tools presents a consistent user interface (navigation, toolbar, and actions) across all workspaces and pages.

Pick up the essentials of the EKNOW UI just by using your My EKNOW workspace – or watch the Quick Start video. Your knowledge transfers to any new M&A workspace or tool you use.

Simplified Workspaces

Distinct user audiences have unique priorities: Executives, deal teams, diligence SMEs, integration teams, internal and external users... the list goes on.

This is why M&A Tools now presents each audience and user with a streamlined, easy to use workspace, precisely tailored to its mission.

Home | My EKNOW

Your My EKNOW workspace is a simple, personalized dashboard of your open items: Pending tasks. Status reports. Approvals. Diligence items to review. Its single-page, tabbed design makes My EKNOW easy to use for anyone – even occasional or one-time users.

For many users, the new My EKNOW workspace is all the M&A Tools they ever need.