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Is your mandate narrow or broad? One M&A function – or the full M&A life cycle?

In M&A Tools, enable just the tools you need. Tools for deal teams, governance, diligence or integration functional teams, advisors, rank-and-file collaborators, or other M&A roles and functions.

Enabled tools are immediately available. Unneeded tools remain completely invisible.

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Your My EKNOW workspace is a single-page dashboard of just your open and actionable items, and simple tools to act on them.

Add or update an opportunity. Close an open task. Review incoming diligence. Complete your team status report. And much more.

My EKNOW enables users of every experience level. From power user to one-time contributor. For many, My EKNOW will be the only M&A tool they need.

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Deal Pipeline

Channel your M&A deal execution, stage-by-stage and on time, through every analysis, review, approval, milestone and stage gate.

Compartmentalize deal access by portfolio, business, and deal team. Whether M&A, JV, investment, IPO, "Newco," carve-out or divestiture.

Ensure playbook discipline. Track pipeline in interactive dashboards and reports. With charts, analyses, and KPIs per deal and across your portfolios.

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Tool Module

Target Companies

Capture target company, sourcing & strategy info. Manage contacts, relationships, and communications.

Ensure next steps and key documents don't fall through the cracks. Email in and out of the system. Drag and drop contacts, email, and calendar events.

Capture opportunities directly from sources across the organization, or around the world, internal and external.

Use EKNOW automation to keep your target and "monitor" list fresh, and dynamic. And when it comes time, seamlessly turn targets into deals in motion.

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Data Room

Collaborate between deal team or diligence functions, and with outside advisors or consultants. Securely exchange data with your target seller. Or with multiple candidate buyers.

Create project- and team-specific folders and groups. Automatically enforce strict access control over clean team documents. Yet allow free collaboration to others.

Leverage IRL (Information Request List) templates for due diligence. Manage structured IRL workflows.

Post and reply to ad hoc Q&A. Publish select Q&A answers to all buyers or parties.

Most importantly, ensure that no data requirement or question falls through the cracks.

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Due Diligence

Mobilize diligence functional teams and advisors. Manage data room access, Q&A, and your information request list (IRL).

Compile functional diligence reports and track progress in real-time. Report and track progress at the portfolio, deal, and functional levels.

Tailor your process and diligence reports to your organization and investment committee.

Log risks, issues, and integration planning follow-up. And prepare for a seamless hand-off to PMI teams.

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Use the PMI workspace not only for post-merger integration, but separation or implementation of any deal type or transformation initiative.

PMI includes tools to mobilize and organize teams. Create and deploy integration plans. Track key milestones. Leverage Gantt, roll-up, calendar, and other interactive views.

Enjoy simple project mode, or unlimited project plan depth and dependencies. Automate KPIs, status reporting, and more.

Deal by deal, enable optional project modules such as PMI Risks, TSA, Value, Talent, and others.

Throughout, monitor and report progress by deal / project, function, geography, plan phase, or your own dimensions.

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Tool Modules

Specialist tools

Track, manage, and report on virtually any type of M&A data or workflow – while automatically restricting access by need-to-know. Unlock system-wide support for:

• Contingent payments
• Advisor engagements
• TSAs
• Project sites
• Value capture
• Personnel changes
• Contracts
• ...and much more

Once enabled, any M&A Tool is seamlessly integrated across your workspaces.

Work with your EKNOW team for advice, training, and configuration of any M&A Tool. At no incremental cost.

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M&A Tools Administrator

Your own M&A Tools super user can administer user access, automated alerts, workflows and more.

Enable or disable workspaces and tool modules, system-wide. Monitor system status. Create announcements, and add company-specific guidance and help videos.

Customize and update your M&A organizational structure, project meta data, drop lists, and much more.

Work with your EKNOW team for advice, training, and getting the maximum use of your Administrator tools.

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Tool Modules

Custom tools & workspaces

Your organization or advisory firm may have unique requirements. Even if you currently use M&A Tools nearly "out of the box," your needs may change.

Only EKNOW, with its M&A Objects foundation, allows for rapid, real-time, code-free construction of custom M&A tools and workspaces.

Of course, some customization is available to all EKNOW customers. Enterprise and Enterprise+ customers can create new views and workspaces, processes, logic, and even entirely new M&A-related solutions.  At no incremental cost.

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That's because every Enterprise support bundle includes ongoing surge support for special projects, for the life of the relationship.

If your M&A organization has departmental, corporate, or industry-specific special requirements, EKNOW – and only EKNOW – can quickly implement from live proof of concept to production solution.

Contact EKNOW to discuss your use case or challenges.