Feature Highlights


Fully integrated reporting

All EKNOW reporting features are built right into M&A Tools.

No 3rd party reporting applications, licenses, costs, interfaces, learning curve, or IT resources required.

All reports, dashboards and charts are seamlessly integrated with a consistent design.

Real-time KPIs & metrics

Your M&A Tools reports include built-in, real-time KPIs reflecting every facet of M&A performance. Add new custom KPIs at any time.

Track objective performance metrics at the portfolio, deal, region / country, functional team, and site level. Report financial, risk, completion, schedule, and QA metrics.

Incorporate your metrics and KPIs in tables, reports, dashboards, and forms. Monitor variances and drill-down to the source in a few clicks.

Interactive charts & graphs

View or present your live data as Gantt charts, swim lanes, bar charts, line charts, pie / donut charts, area charts, and combination plots. Segment or repeat by virtually any data dimension. Choose horizontal or vertical axes.

EKNOW charts are interactive: Click to add chart data in place. Click through to underlying data. Modify chart data values and update charts without leaving the page.

Filter chart data across an entire dashboard of charts, using the universal M&A Tools Filter Panel.

Include any EKNOW chart in dashboards, forms, and almost anywhere else.

Ask for a demo of more special chart features from EKNOW.

Real-time dashboards

Out-of-the-box dashboards are built in for each major M&A stage and function. Leverage dashboards at the portfolio, project, and work stream levels.

Create and combine any number of charts, data, text, images, and other dashboard elements into powerful real-time management resources.

Take advantage of an unlimited number of dashboards, with no limits to size, data types, etc. within any dashboard.

Attractive report output

In M&A Tools, virtually any view or dashboard can be used to generate live, shareable interactive reports; PDF documents, or spreadsheet output.

M&A Tools report output is intelligently laid out and paginated with headers and footers. Tailor with your company logo, footer proprietary statement, and more.

Save your custom report as a template, make it public or private, and even generate on a schedule. Auto-save reports in the system, or email a secure download link based on business rules.

Streamlined status reporting

M&A Tools provides a built-in framework for simplified, consistent status reporting. At any level: portfolio, deal / project, and functional team levels.

The status reporting task is greatly simplified by M&A Tools' streamlined, form-based templates. Use the built-in templates, or reconfigure to taste. Combine traditional written status with objective, automated metrics right in the same report.

Leverage simple, automated workflows. Drive scheduled reporting proactively, via email.

Use the system to review status reports interactively, in meetings and calls. Or use the M&A Tools report generator to compile reports across functions or projects, in a single document.

Addictive presentation mode

Use the slick EKNOW presentation mode for meetings, presentations, and other group settings. Present any live report, dashboard, or other M&A Tools data.

Presentation mode is truly unique to EKNOW M&A Tools. Ask for a live demo to see how Presentation mode can upgrade your collaboration with teams and constituents.