Feature Highlights

Platform & IT

100% Web-based

EKNOW M&A Tools require only a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari. No app download or browser plug-in required. The M&A Tools web interface works on desktop and mobile environments.

100% Dedicated systems

A single-tenant, full-stack server is dedicated to each and every EKNOW client. All clients enjoy great default systems. The largest M&A organizations are upgraded to ultra-performant “bare-metal” servers at no extra cost.

As of 2022, EKNOW can even deploy to your own virtual private cloud, or on-premises – also at no additional cost (contact EKNOW for details).

SSO integrations & federation

Authenticate with Azure, Okta, Google, Ping, and more. Whatever your identity server, your M&A Tools system very likely works with your SSO right now.


JSON REST API, documentation, and one-on-one support.

Securely push or pull data directly to / from your EKNOW M&A Tools.

Integrate your data lake, or individual IT, BI, HR, Compliance, CRM, reporting and other systems.

Create unlimited API “users” or interfaces, with advanced access control of each.