Feature Highlights

Modular and flexible

M&A Tools' unique, modular flexibility is key to successful deployment. Start simple: Enable the tools that fit your current scope, priorities, and readiness. Choose from...

• Target sourcing
• Deal execution
• Due Diligence
• PMI (Integration / Separation)
• Risk Management
• Value Capture
• Much, much, much more

Over time, deploy more capability as needed and when ready – at no incremental cost.

Simple M&A workflows

Manage workflows and "trackers" of any type. For example, add a new project or deal with a few clicks. View pending milestones, gates & approvals. Drag & drop key documents.

Advance from one stage to another with a click. Get email alerts of status changes, or requesting action. And track all progress in colorful dashboards and reports.

Single source of truth

Only EKNOW truly integrates every M&A facet under your mandate. As a result, "connecting the dots" becomes trivial. The source of delays and exceptions are no longer a mystery. Duplicative status and data entry is almost impossible.

In M&A Tools, enjoy built-in real-time links between all reports, deals, teams, data, documents and actions. All while securely compartmentalizing access by project, activity and user role.

Enterprise specialization

The M&A Tools platform, support model, and business model are all specifically designed for EKNOW's client base: primarily large, globally distributed M&A organizations with associated challenges of complexity and scale. Who may have industry- or organization-specific requirements. And who often require high expertise, support availability, and flexibility.

This extreme fit to purpose presents a clear choice for large enterprises.

But in recent years even mid-sized clients reap the benefits of the EKNOW support model, expertise, and functionality.

Ease & speed of configuration

M&A Tools can be deployed in a day or two for any M&A function, out-of-the-box: Pipeline, diligence, PMI etc. Yet configuration support is still a no-cost EKNOW feature.

Both initially and over time, any M&A Tools module can be simply fine-tuned, or fully customized, to your organization’s unique requirements – without coding. No other M&A platform is remotely as configurable.