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What’s New in Release 22

Ease of Use & Adoption

The new superpower:

Clear, Logical Organization

M&A information overload can be tamed! But only when tools and data are organized as clearly, logically, and naturally as possible.

This is the under-appreciated “information architecture” success factor – an obsession at EKNOW. With every annual release, EKNOW pushes the platform ahead. Release 22 is no exception, adding hundreds of refinements to:

  • Main navigation
  • Labels, icons & symbols
  • Data hierarchy
  • User roles and relations
  • Reports & views
  • Filtering & searching
  • Data forms and “inspectors”
  • Drill-down & linking
  • Admin tools
  • Shortcuts
  • Much more
M&A Tools Clear Logical Organization

Addictive new

Presentation Mode

EKNOW clients have always used M&A Tools “live” in meetings, executive presentations, and other collaborative settings.

But customers have asked for an even better way to present. Even to non-users. Without any user interface clutter. Filling the screen with only high-impact content.

M&A Tools release 22 adds exactly that. Now one button click switches you instantly to a new Presentation Zoom mode. 

  • Fantastic for meetings, training, presentations etc.
  • Intelligently zooms content without scrolling
  • Hides user interface, navigation, tabs, buttons, etc. – until needed
  • 100% focus on clear, high-impact content
  • Eliminates audience learning curve
  • Allows sharing with anyone at all
M&A Tools New Presentation Mode

Intuitive universal

Button Bar

Over the years, as EKNOW M&A Tools grew in capabilities, action buttons and menus accumulated “organically.”

M&A Tools release 21/22 simplifies the user interface, putting all common user actions in a fun, easy to learn, universal button bar:

  • All common actions available in one place
  • Graphical icons & tooltips are self-explanatory
  • Actions and options are highly “discoverable”
  • Options presented automatically (e.g. Delete button etc.), based on user permissions and context

Along with other release 22 interface enhancements, the new universal button bar further reduces learning curves and accelerates adoption.

M&A Tools Universal Toolbar

Universal cross-module

Filter / Search Power Tool

EKNOW’s M&A-optimized filter / search has been a tremendous advantage of M&A Tools.

Each M&A Tools module has had its complement of powerful, built-in search controls. Each search tool targeted e.g work plan items, documents, financial impacts, and so on.

With M&A Tools release 21/22, EKNOW has overhauled all of these search tools, into one universal, consistent new search interface.

The result is a new filter/search tool that is easy for any user to learn. But powerful enough to satisfy almost any power user.

Filter/search options and techniques learned in one module apply in virtually every other module. Whether searching on text fields, tags and metadata, time frame data, work flow status, team relations, currency values, and much more.

Contact EKNOW to see M&A Tools filter/search capabilities in action, or to try them yourself

M&A Tools New Filter Search

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